Dimensions of Art

Dimensions of Art is a data visualisation project developed during the Hack4Fi event. We received an open data set from the Danish Art foundation. Together with Emil Madsen, Henrik Evers, Juulia Juutilainen and Niels Nydam Andersen we made a physical visualisation to show the ratio between female and male artists, whose work got purchased for public space in Denmark in the last 60 years.

The project was a part of the Data visualisation track led by Juuso Koponen and won the 1st prize.

April 2016. Data visualisation, Information design.















“The Hack4FI 2016 award  (1.500 euros) went to Dimensions of Art, a visualisation of Danish Art Foundation purchases. The jury was impressed by how the transdisciplinary skills in the group was used to create tangible art out of open data. The result was both aesthetic and informative and political in a way that generates discussion. The same transformation of data into revealing visualisations could be reproduced in e.g. art museums to show how artworks have been collected over time.” from Hack4FI press release.



photos and video by Niels Nydam