Sushi Time

A personal project, which I further developed into a concept for a sushi delivery app in Publishing Design for Touch-screen Devices workshop at Aalto University, led by Harri Heikkilä.

February 2015. UX, UI design, visual identity, illustration.

This work got published in Design for Screen: Graphic Design Solutions for Great User Experiences.














We had the task to create a design for an app based on the user experience guidelines and best practices presented at the workshop. I focused on executing an idea I already had for some time. People tend to find the terms temaki, futomaki, sashimi confusing and yet illustrations of these types of sushi is rarely to be seen on menus. I merged my illustrations with a concept of a sushi delivery restaurant.

The Sushi Time app enables the user to order sushi directly to his or her location in a straightforward and quick manner. It informs the user of how long will the delivery take and its cost. It also illustrates all the different sushis on the menu in a playful manner.




iPhone 5 Psd Flat Design Mockup by Pixeden
Music in video: Wake Up Wake Up by Lullatone